Why Would You Need a YouTube Downloader?

Sometimes it’s difficult to buy the music I need. For example, I wanted to get a lesser-known country album by an artist from Alabama last year. His official website wasn’t working, and neither Amazon nor eBay had his music for sale. I also searched for it on Craigslist and got nothing. My only option to have his songs on my phone was to use a YouTube downloader website. So I turned to a few popular op

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t normally encourage downloading music for free without the permission of the author. But there are times when all else fails, times when you can’t find what you need legally, and you have to turn to YouTube downloaders. That’s when I use services like SaveTube.

But maybe the product is out there already. Maybe the album I need is readily available on iTunes or Amazon and I still opt for a YouTube downloader. What’s my excuse then?

Well, sometimes an album costs several tens of dollars more than I can afford. Or maybe I can afford it, but I’d rather invest money into something more useful than a CD. In that case, I can download the music I want, but then buy an album later when I do have enough money. It’s no wonder that most people who upload music, books, comics, and movies usually put the “Like it? Buy it!” message included with the files. There was never an album or a book that I like which I didn’t buy at some point. I merely downloaded them first because that was the only option I had left.

Benefits of a YouTube Downloader

As I stated earlier, having a YouTube downloader is great for grabbing MP3 files of songs a user can’t buy. Why would anyone spend tens, even hundreds of dollars on individual albums if they only need a song or two? Once someone downloads an album and listens to it, they can decide whether or not they will buy that album later on. All they have to do is delete the music files later. There is no real financial loss to the artist or the studio.

But sometimes independent artists make songs. Sure, people can use Spotify and iTunes, but it’s infinitely better if they can download a song for free and decide whether or not to support that artist with their hard-earned money. Personally, I think that’s better for both independent artists AND customers. It will build a brand and make the artist feel “closer” to the listener.

Of course, it doesn’t stop with music. Maybe someone likes listening to obscure audiobooks. An audiobook can cost even more than a music CD, especially if it’s a bestseller like A Song of Ice and Fire or The Art of the Deal. But with a YouTube downloader, people can download the audiobook and listen to it while they do something else.


Many times, obscure music gets taken down by YouTube for any number of reasons. Maybe the artist broke one of the YouTube regulations. Or maybe a third-party company claimed it. Whatever the case, the song disappears and we can’t listen to it anymore. Using YouTube downloader, we can actually save that version of the song and share it with everyone else.

Again, this works out well for both the artist and the listener. Their work lives on outside of YouTube and we get to enjoy it every day.


Now we come to the good stuff. Some of us like to watch schlock films and B-rated cinematography. But not everyone everywhere can buy the DVD (or even VHS) copy of that film. However, once someone puts it up on YouTube, it becomes accessible to a wide audience.

Naturally, small-time studios issue takedown notices and pull these videos off YouTube. While I can understand them from a business perspective, it’s counter-productive to a worldwide audience of poorly-made movies. But with YouTube downloader websites such as SaveTube, literally millions of new fans can enjoy the beautiful train wrecks that are Z-rated films by no-name directors.

OK, How Does SaveTube Work?

Like most YouTube downloader web pages, SaveTube has a simple “copy-paste system.” First, I find the video I want to download. It doesn’t matter if it’s music or a film, or even a short skit. Then I copy the YouTube link to the special bar on the website. It’s impossible to miss, as it clearly states “copy your video link here.” Once I do this, all I have to do is click on the “download now” button, and the process begins.

Some websites don’t allow for multiple downloads at the same time. However, SaveTube isn’t like that. In fact, I can actually download up to ten videos at once. And that’s only from my personal experience. It’s more than likely that SaveTube can handle more than ten downloads at once.

The downloads, of course, start out at once and go directly to my “download folder.” There is a reason I have to highlight this fact.

Issues with Other YouTube Downloaders

Normally, people who search for YouTube downloaders click on scam websites. A scam website is easy to spot. We copy the YouTube link, click on “download now,” wait for it to load, and then get greeted with a different screen. 90% of the time this screen says something like “Please fill up this quick survey and you’ll get your download link” or something similar. The very second a website asks me to do this, I click away. That’s how scammers get users’ IP addresses and personal data.

Other times, a “download” link will just lead to a different page altogether, advertising some shady business. This situation is also an automatic “click off” for me. But it’s not even the worst offender. That “honor” goes to websites that start downloading an .exe file to my computer. Always, ALWAYS click “cancel” when an .exe file starts to download, that’s my motto. There’s a very simple reason, of course—these .exe files are usually malware or other types of viruses.

SaveTube, luckily, has none of these problems. It just downloads the video or audio right then and there.

Other Video Streaming Services

There are plenty of websites out there that download more than just YouTube videos. That’s because YouTube, as huge as it is, still doesn’t allow everything to be uploaded onto it. For example, any copyright-heavy content gets the ax early on.

Luckily, there are video streaming services that are a bit laxer. Dailymotion, for example, has a vast selection of both professional and homebrew videos that I can peruse. And if Dailymotion doesn’t have what I need, Vimeo certainly does, as does Bitchute, possibly the biggest current rival of YouTube.

And then there are adult videos. Let’s face it, sometimes we all need some 18+ content in our lives. That’s why some YouTube downloader websites also cover adult streaming platforms like XVideos and Redtube. It’s not something to brag about, but it’s still a viable option.

Unfortunately, SaveTube only covers YouTube videos for now. But from what I gathered, they’ll be expanding soon enough. After all, the biggest YouTube downloader sites also covered Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. KeepVid is a perfect example of this. I have no doubt that SaveTube will cover other video platforms in the near future.

Speed and Format

Right now, with SaveTube I can download any video and save it in two major formats. The first is MP4. Of course, this is the base format most YouTube downloader software uses, so it’s no wonder SaveTube offers that option. And it can go anywhere from 144 to 1080 in terms of quality.

Then there’s the speed. Based on what I saw, SaveTube is neither faster nor slower than its competition. Each video or audio can be downloaded relatively quickly. For example, an audiobook that’s 10 hours long takes less than 20 minutes to download. That’s fairly quickly for my needs.

Naturally, I have to mention the conversion. Each video can be converted into either lossy or lossless MP3 format. Every single song I downloaded works like a charm, with no real cuts or scratches during playback. That puts it far and above average YouTube downloaders, who can mess up the track during conversion. I don’t want a song that sounds like poorly-rendered static. I want high quality, and SaveTube is a YouTube downloader that delivers.


SaveTube is the best YouTube downloader of January 2019. It downloads videos quickly and can also convert them into high-quality MP3 files. To anyone willing to download some music, I happily recommend this website. Start downloading today!

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